"What am I here for?" "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?"
The Bible uses a special word, "POEMA", to describe the Masterpiece, or "Work of Art" that God says you are.
Discover how you are made; and what a unique, beautiful creation you are.
Explore your Passions, Opportunities, Experiences, Make-up, and Anointing, and how they have prepared you to be all that God says you can be.
Discover today how God has put you together.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1 - POEMA

    • POEMA Introduction Video Message

    • POEMA

  • 2

    Part 2 - PASSION

    • "Passion" Video Message


    • Questions and discussion Points

  • 3


    • "Opportunities" Video Message


    • Questions and discussion Points

  • 4

    Part 4 - EXPERIENCE

    • "Experience" Video Message


    • Questions and discussion Points

  • 5

    Part 5 - MAKE-UP

  • 6

    Part 6 - ANOINTING

    • "Anointing" Video Message


    • Explore your Holy Spirit Gifts

    • Learn more about the HOLY SPIRIT

    • Take the Ministries Test

    • Get the POEMA Book to own

About the instructor

Leader Lighthouse Church

Gregg Donaldson

Gregg has led and planted several Churches over the past 25 years in various countries and settings. He has a passion to see the body of Christ living to their full potential and speaks with an energetic and practical style.

Don't waste time and energy pursuing things that have no eternal value. Find your purpose and get busy doing what God has for you to do.

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